Top 5 Bollywood Stars Are Obsessed With Collecting These Stuff!

Top 5 Bollywood Stars Are Obsessed With Collecting These Stuff!

They are Bollywood actors and have a massive fan following. Each and everything they do is written about and discussed in the public domain. Well, not many know that like us our loved celebrities too like to collect stuff. Let us have a look what these top actors of our Hindi film industry love to accumulate!
1) Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Our ‘Bhaijaan’ loves soaps. The actor is crazy behind soaps. He owns an amazing collection of soaps from around the world. His favorites are the ones made of fruit extracts. We wonder is it this habit that makes him one of the best smelling men in Bollywood?


2) Shahrukh Khan

In the movie ‘Ra.One’ he played an engineer who made games and in real life, the actor is obsessed with games and gadgets. Shahrukh has a great collection of games and has an entire floor in his home dedicated to gaming. Moreover, he invites his friends to have a competition over them. Oops!


3) Ranveer Singh

Ranvir Singh

His habit is weird but the ‘energetic star’ collects X-Rated magazines from each country he travels. He has gathered so many of them that now he has a big shelf containing only these magazines!


4) Amitabh Bachchan

Amitab Bachchan

The ‘Big B’ has not a great collection of this but he has a great love for luxury cars. In an interview, he was quoted saying that he wants a garage big enough to hold hundreds of cars. May be he is planning his collection soon! Whatsay!


5) John Abraham

John Abraham

The actor says that biking comes naturally to him! Perhaps this is the reason he has a great collection of bikes. He picks up bikes which have special features for his collection. It is a bit shocking to know that the ‘Commando’ actor washes and cleans his bikes all alone by himself!

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